Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sale Haul

My haul list:
One of my proudest Anthro moments - being able to score this LiaMolly cardigan for $9.95!!  I received this beauty two days after I placed the order.  The sweater is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.  I was worried that it might be too busy with all the patterns on the sweater, but my worries went away when I saw it.  I can't wait to wear it!

I scored this cute Old Navy dress for free!  Old Navy combined forces with Shazam (an IPhone app) and I won a coupon for a free dress.  The fit is perfectly flattering, I can see myself pairing it with a cardigan and a belt.  You can purchase it here - it's currently on sale for $15.

I was browsing the Kohl's website and stumbled upon the Lauren Conrad collection.  I fell head over heels for this dress so C ordered it for me.  It's a cute pleated cocktail dress with a belt - a perfect combination.  You can purchase this pretty dress here and you can find promotional codes for Kohls here.

 I purchased my 2nd pair of Target's Pearce Pumps.  They are by far the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned.  I own heels from a broad spectrum of brands and nothing compares to these.  I think the main reason why these shoes are so comfortable is because they have built in cushion with rubber soles on the outside, which bend with your feet (kind of like tennis shoes).  And to add the icing on top of the cake, they are REAL leather for $29.99!

Have a good Thursday everyone, it's almost Friday!!


LittleMissSeamstress said...

Wow I am totally impressed! BTW How did you get that Coin Purse Cardi for $9.95? On my wishlist it still says $89.95!!!! I wanted that cardi so badly ever since I tried months back.... but my store didn't have my size back then. Anywho great job!! I love all thing in your list! Oh and I checked that Kohl's dress myself too too pretty isn't it ?


bloggies said...
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anthrogirlonabudget said...

Hello! The secret is to call CS after you purchase it and ask them what the in store price is. If it's lower they'll do a PA for you! :) Did you see the Kohls dress in stores? I'm still waiting for it to arrive.

LittleMissSeamstress said...

No I just saw the dress online and thought it's just too cute kinda reminded me of Audrey Hepburn with a tidy bun! so cute! Can't wait to see you in it! and Thanks for the PA tip!
Never thought to try that way.


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