Sunday, April 10, 2011

My favorite picks from Anthropologie and Target

I tried on the Plaited Brushstrokes Skirt and fell in love.  The name speaks for itself.  It feels like I'm wearing a piece of artwork.  The skirt is very well-made.  It is made of cotton and feels very sturdy.  Love it!

My friend and I are both in love with the Pinwheel Tank.  O-M-G it is the most flattering top that we've ever tried on at Anthropologie.  The front is v-neck, but the back has a square-ish neckline.  I normally don't like to wear dark/bright orange tops, but this is a definite exception.  

The collar on this top is subtly pleated.  It feels true to size as I am wearing a size 0, but I wouldn't mind trying a size 2 for a little extra room.  My friend and I made a pack to both buy this top when it goes on sale.  Twinsies!

The Anadyomene Cardigan is SUPER soft.  The cardi is made of cotton and spandex which gave it a little stretch.  The sweetheart neckline is very flattering, but a little high.  If I were to purchase this I'd probably get a small (I'm wearing a XS).

 I love drapey tops in general and this was no exception.  The Undersea Exploration Tee was extremely soft and I absolutely adored the different shades of green print on the tee.

The Westerly Wind tee was another drapey top that I love.  Keep in mind that it's sheer in the back so I would recommend wearing a tank under this.  I felt like I was kind of swimming in this, but yet for some reason I still really liked the top.  It's a little tight on the arms so I tried sizing up and it just looked way too overly drapey.  If you could deal with the sleeves being a little too tight, I'd recommend buying your normal size.  This top is currently on sale for 29.95 and I'm waiting for another price cut before I make the purchase.

For my last review, I leave you with a Target dress that I spotted in stores

The fabric itself was a little thin, but the cotton felt decent in quality.  Why do I love this dress?  It's so flattering and the polka dots!  I'm a sucker for polka dots. 

Hope all my reviews helped!

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