Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm late!

I'm a few days late for the 30 for 30 challenge, but here is outfit #1!

Cardigan - Anthropologie - Similar-ish here
Tank - Forever21
Skirt - Anthropologie
Shoes - Target - Purchase here
Handbag - H&M - Similar here
Ring - Kate Spade

This is completely off topic, but I forgot to mention that I bought the Silken Stitches Dress at Anthro for $30 (orig. $168) during the tag sale.  The only problem with the dress was that it was 8 sizes too big @.@.  Despite the size, I couldn't resist picking it up at such a great price (I've also been pining over that dress for awhile, though it was forever sold out online).  So I took it to the alterations and they hemmed/took it in and now it fits perfectly.  I'm so excited to wear this dress to a friend's wedding in a few days!

Now I'm off to figure out what my outfit #2 will be for tomorrow.  Any ideas?  :P


LittleMissSeamstress said...

sooo cute!! I was in mad search for that skirt everywhere with no success... You look really adorable on this outfit. Nice job.

Can't wait to see the rest 29 of outfits.


Kavita said...

Hi! I'm a new reader of your blog and I love Outfit #1! I have the Blooming Lattice cardi and love how it goes with everything. My vote for Outfit 2 would be something with the yellow Loosened Shelby Blouse!
I saw several posts down that you got the Beaded Eglantine cardi and I am super jealous. I've been looking for that cardi for ages, so if you ever decide you don't want yours anymore, pleeeeease sell it to me (my address is crouchingtigress07 at
Anyway, I'll be following along on your 30 for 30 challenge!

LePetiteLemon said...

Great outfit! Love the skirt! It looks twirl-worthy! :D

anthrogirlonabudget said...

Jin - Thanks! I found this skirt during the winter tag sale :-)

Kavita - I will definitely look into wearing my Shelby blouse soon. I'll let you know if I decide to sell the cardi!

LePetitLemon - What a cute blog name! I should've totally twirled like a ballerina in that outfit :P

Stylepint said...

Such an adorable outfit! Good luck with the 30 for 30, I started late too, but it's alright cuz we should go at our own pace anyways. =)

bloggies said...
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anthrogirlonabudget said...

Thank you, Stylepint! I hope you're doing well with your 30 for 30 challenge :)

stark Tony said...

Maybe you just spent too much time to use the Python Embossed Shoulder Bag and some really great design leather embossed hobo bags at to match with yours dress!